Why are we raising funds?

Elmwood School has an amazing group of administrators and staff who stretch every budget dollar they are given. EPFA supports the school with additional fundraising to enrich the experience of every student in the school.

The Naturescape Revitalization is a major project we are raising funds for at this time, as well as many other amazing opportunities for all students.

Current Fundraising Goals


As a school committed to science and technology, Elmwood equips students in grade 3-6 with individual Chromebooks. Because technology evolves, these are required to be replaced on a regular cycle

Field Trips

EPFA raises funds to help cover the costs of bussing for field trips and other activities for all classes to keep individual field trip costs down

Building Community

Elmwood values our school community, and EPFA raises funds to bring students and families together to celebrate. The Welcome Back event in September or a Year End party in June are just two ways we celebrate

Expert in Residence

Elmwood is excited to host a Gardener In Residence program at Elmwood for the 2022-23 school year

Kinder T-shirts

Each year, Kindergarten students are provided their own Elmwood t-shirt to welcome them to the Elmwood family.

Past Initiatives Supported Through Fundraising

Elmwood Explorer Backpacks

Elmwood School encourages exploration of nature through Nature Walks in the Edmonton ravine/river valley. Each year, EPFA provides support to purchase Explorer Backpacks for students to use while learning

Science School at Telus World of Science

Science School is designed to inspire students to explore STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through collaborative design projects, guided explorations of the natural environment, experimentation with engineering and technology, and learning through play. This journey will help students develop a passion for science and discover the areas that excite them.

Science Olympics

The APEGA Science Olympics are interactive, inter-school, engineering and geoscience events for students in Grades 1 to 12 that take learning beyond the classroom. Students are given a series of problem-solving challenges that demonstrate the fun side of engineering and geoscience, and allow students to see first-hand how these fields impact our everyday lives.

Students cover many areas of scientific study and use their skills and innovative ideas to develop creative solutions to various challenges. All challenges at these events are related to Alberta school curricula, and have been developed by work groups comprising APEGA professional engineers and professional geoscientists, as well as local teachers.

Ice School at Rogers Place

ICE School is one of Edmonton's Inquiring Minds sites allowing teachers to follow curriculum outcomes taught in the classroom and turn those concepts into real world understanding for their students. Students are given the opportunity to move their classroom for an entire week into the world of Rogers Place and Edmonton's Ice District.

The week-long educational adventure spurs the imagination and captivates the curiosity of every ICE School student. There is total engagement and that's how learning happens! Students will discover the behind- the scenes intricacies involved in hosting games and large events at Rogers Place and discover the history and beauty of our city.

City Hall School

City Hall School is an Inquiring Minds Site. It provides a week long, inquiry based, hands on learning experience for Grade 1 to 12.

They will learn that this landmark building is not just the home of civic leadership but also a gathering place for the community. The vibrant downtown core provides endless possibilities for connecting students to their city, curriculum and career pathways.

As the week progresses students, teachers and parent volunteers come away with an increased sense of civic pride and a richer understanding of the services that the City provides to meet the needs of Edmontonians.

Ski Trips

EPFA raises funds in support of students to attend a ski day at Snow Valley, whose goal is promoting wellness through fun, helping Elmwood students discover the fun and excitement of skiing and snowboarding.

Get Involved

If you have any suggestions for future fundraising opportunities, or would like to find out how to get involved, please