About The EPFA and ESC

The Elmwood School Council (ESC) and Elmwood Parents Financial Association (EPFA) are two groups of volunteers that work very closely together to provide support to all students and staff of Elmwood school.

Volunteering with ESC/EPFA allows you to contribute your skills and knowledge. Not only will it benefit your child(ren) but the whole school community as well. This can help you gain experience and expertise in leadership as a volunteer, build your resume, and make lasting relationships.

The Elmwood Parents Financial Association (EPFA)

The EPFA's goal is to fundraise and provide financial support and opportunities to Elmwood School to enrich the experience of every student in the school. 

This group includes parents/guardians and the principal. The monthly meetings are usually held along with the ESC meeting. We encourage families to get involved in whatever way they can - everyone is welcome to attend general meetings and would be welcome to join the Fundraising Committee. Every bit of help is appreciated, whether it's helping to plan or work an event, putting in a shift to work a casino or suggesting new fundraising ideas. 

Board Members

Cassie Gerbrandt, President

Jennifer Begin, Vice President

Geoff Hansen, Treasurer

Nalley Alcocer, Secretary

Soo Fan Hoang, Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

Fundraising Committee

Amanda Power, Fundraising Coordinator

Holly Meek, Bingo/Casino Coordinator

The Fundraising Committee is made up of volunteers, and is always looking for help. Whether you're able to help for one event, or want to join the committee, please feel free to contact us!

EPFA Meeting Minutes

All previous meeting minutes

The Elmwood School Council (ESC)

The ESC is a group of parents/guardians working with the principal and teachers to effectively support and enhance student learning. We provide a method for members of the school community to consult with and offer advice to the principal and the school board. The main purpose is to provide advice and provide a parental voice to dealings with the school and school board.

The ESC meets monthly to plan and discuss special events and to provide input into the learning opportunities being provided across Elmwood School. Staff and families work closely together to build community connections, enhance communication, and nurture positive learning opportunities for children across Elmwood School. We welcome new members to become engaged in the dialogue. Meeting dates are posted on SchoolZone and through Seesaw.

Board Members

Johanna LaVallee, Chair

Jennifer Begin, Vice Chair

Nallely Alcocer, Secretary

Geoff Hansen, Treasurer

Soo Fan Hoang, Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

ESC Meeting Minutes

All previous meeting minutes

Additional Contacts

Fun Lunch Coordinator

Community League Liaison